This new solar panel is being researched by two universities; Ghent University in Belgium and the University of the Free State (UFS) in South Africa.


If successful, other types of roofs could be replaced by the solar glass which would be incorporated into durable plastics. Researchers say that daylight will be able to enter buildings whilst at the same time also generating electricity. It is hoped that this will reduce the number of solar panels required and therefore reduce costs.


The product will hopefully be refined and available to the market within the next decade, call Thame roofing for all Oxford Roof leadwork repairs.


UK Flat roofing market expects steady growth

Recent research has shown that since 2012, there has been a steady growth in the flat roofing market and particularly in the use of waterproof membranes. There has been a recent surge in the development of brand new homes, many businesses re-roofing their commercial offices, as well as the boom in House extensions using flat roofs. Repair work on Flat roofing in private dwellings still accounts for the largest sector, however the recent demand for “Green roofs” has also fuelled the flat roofing market. Forecasts that this will continue to rise over the next two years.