Prevent Roof Fires With These Steps!

When owning your home, you may not think about the risk of a roof fire, but it is a serious hazard that need to be prevented. Maintenance is key, along with keeping the roof repaired and up to scratch. However, there are other things to look out for, such as wiring that may not be quite right in your roof space. Due to being out of the way, we don’t really think about it, but the wiring can quickly grow risky and you may not notice straight away. Getting the wiring inspected regularly can reduce the risk. This is along with ill fitted insulation within the roof space. If fitted over wires or too near a cooling vent, you may find it overheats and catches fire quickly. Having a professional there to supervise and keep checking the situation is the best option.


Vents need to be checked due to a build-up of lint and dust, which is flammable. So, by keeping vents and air conditioners clean of dust, the risk lowers. Another risk is there being a leak in your roof, which can drop on to wires and junction boxes. Unfortunately, we are prone to the elements, so storms can cause damp and water to come through, so getting this sorted is a priority.


Materials are something that should be researched, so by making sure you have a fire-resistant roofing material you are helping to prevent any fires from happening. Materials like tiles or ceramic are fire-resistant, whereas wood can be risky. If you require any type of Roofing including Garage Roof Repairs in Thame, give us a call.


Winter Tips To Take Care Of Your Roof

We don’t always think about our roofs when looking after our home, but sometimes if things go wrong, it can also affect the rest of the property. Usually, we don’t notice anything until issues have already shown themselves. It is a good idea to have thorough maintenance done, to limit the chance of this cropping up.


During the year, inspections will be thorough and will look out for the more subtle issues, such as cracks or loose tiles. Loose flashing, obstructed guttering, blocked drains and wear and tear will be noted, as well as any damaged areas by animals. During the colder months, we tend to get wet and cold weather. This can bring about snow, which can fall on the roof and turn into icy water. Drains can get clogged with leaves, preventing water from flowing.


Trees are more delicate during the cold months, with their branches becoming potentially brittle and unable to cope against bad weather. These branches should be kept trimmed and pushed back, due to the potential risk of them breaking and landing on the roof and causing damage. It is important that your roof is cared for, as issues can surface if the temperature gets too bitter. You can watch out for issues yourself, but you should let a professional take a look properly, as this will ensure the job is done efficiently and with care. Call us for a free visit and quotation on any Tile repairs in Aylesbury.


Things To Do If Your Roof Leaks

If you have water coming through your ceiling, particularly during a heavy rainfall, then your roof may need repairing.


There are a few things you can you do to limit damage to your home before a roofer can get to you. First of all you want to reduce any potential damage that excess water may cause, by being in a place that shouldn’t have it. If you notice dripping then the first thing to do is grab something to contain the water, such as a bucket. If you don’t want to hear a constant dripping noise, then an unused tea towel in the bottom will help.


The next thing you should consider, is carefully puncturing the bulge where the water has collected. You may be worried about this but releasing the build up will help limit any long term issues and damage. If you have any furniture near by, then move it away and put plastic covers over them and any carpet you may have, if it can’t be moved.


After you’ve prepared the room for potential water issues, then you need to get hold of a professional roofer. Even if the damage is fixed inside, it will just happen again if the initial problem isn’t solved, therefore wasting any money you’ve spent. Hiring a professional means they can do safe, experienced work. However by checking in the loft you can help them by seeing if there is a light coming through. If there is then there is definitely a problem from a slipped tile, which can be fixed efficiently by the roofer. If you need help with a Tile repair in Thame or any Roofing repair call us today.


The Advantages Of A New Roof

Buying a house is something that you want to put a lot of thought into, as you will be investing time and money into it. One thing you need to think about is the quality of the roof. Roofs are important as they not only provide warmth and comfort for you and your family but they are structurally crucial due to the stability and safety of your property. For instance, if there is a leak, then the interior can be affected. The damp that develops can create mould and mildew, which looks bad and can create health problems. There is also the risk of subsidence, which is when the foundation under a house is affected and it can start to sink.


If your roof is ageing this can create issues with the structure of your property. Constantly paying out for different jobs over time, can eventually build up a pricey financial burden. If you get a new roof then it will be more positively received by any potential buyers if you are selling. A new roof will indicate the house has been well looked after, as well as being aesthetically pleasing. This will help your home to boost in value, look better and energy efficiency will improve. You can also be assured that you and your family will feel safer and comfortable without the risks that come with a damaged roof. As well as installing New Roofing, we also replace Roof Leadwork in Aylesbury and Oxford.


The Benefits of Lead Replacement Flashing

The best materials to use for roof flashing are simple to use and light. They can be put in place with ease as they are prefabricated and welding or complicated fixings are not needed. Generally, the best materials will be good for the environment and also visually pleasing, such as flexible flashing. The material composites of flexible flashing are pliable grids of recycled aluminium, set in environmentally friendly rubber (polymer). They can also bond with most materials, such as copper, plastic, zinc, brick, concrete and steel, with only a small amount of preparation needed for permeable exteriors.


Visually, flexible flashing looks like lead from far away, which makes them a great choice for fitting to important buildings. A whole roll of this flashing can also be used (up to 4m) without having to lap for heat expansion, reducing fitting time remarkably. Lead flashing needs to be lapped after 1.5 metres each time.


Flexible flashing is supple, meaning it can be moved around and have the shape changed and then fixed, which helps with preparing the folded joints. For bigger jobs, such as a whole chimney, you can place a bend in the flashing to make a flexible joint between each measurement. These joints can be stretched up to 60% without getting broken, which means professional roofers can create a shape and fix it in place.


These flashings can have colours of grey, black and shades of brown. This is great for merging with the rest of the property. They are also unlikely to stain, so they won’t need patination oil. They are waterproof, with a defensive layer and a neat, aesthetic look, making them a great choice. If you require repairs to any roof leadwork in Oxford, call the Roof Doctor now.

Garage Roof: Repair Or Replace?

It can be easy to ignore a slight leak in your garage, as it is not an area of our property that we really think about that often. However leaving a small leak can be expensive over time, particularly if you also use your garage for storage. Keeping excess possessions in the garage may not be a good idea due to the potential damp. If a garage has damp, it can make any wooden furniture distort, papers or photos curl up and any gadgets to break and rust. It is best to fix any leaks before they get worst.


If your garage roof is a new addition it shouldn’t need replacing. A new roof should last for at least a decade, or longer if installed with a decent quality material. If it under 10 years old, it should still be under guarantee and repaired without any trouble. However if you have no guarantee the damage needs to be checked out properly.


Whether or not the roof needs replacing depends on the size of the issue. If it is a small issue then repairing it should be fine. However if the roof is old, then it may be more cost efficient to replace it, particularly if you’re worried about the winter months. It is best to have a strong, weather resistant roof to put your mind at rest.


An asbestos garage roof is something that needs tackling by professionals due to the hazardous nature. If the roof starts to decay asbestos can release into the air. This can cause fatal lung problems if you breathe it in, so if you suspect asbestos you need to contact experts. Call us today for a free quotation on your new Garage roof in Thame.


Different Types Of Flat Roofing

Felt is one of the more common types of flat roofing. Layers of felt are used to create a watertight barrier, and then glued together with bitumen. These are secure and long lasting. They are also cost efficient, use a reliable technique, and can be used for any size, but not for a footfall roof.
A professional must do this work as it needs to be done carefully with heat, which can be a potential danger if not done correctly.
Another favoured option is single-ply. This uses pliable imitation sheets of polymer, either thermoplastic or rubber (synthetic). Thermoplastic is more favoured as it can be reused again from being reheated and remoulded. Single-ply is resistant to fire, chemicals, and UV. It is also strong, but unfortunately is a pricier choice due to the materials used, and can be more difficult to install.
Liquid roofing is highly popular. It can be applied without heat, therefore reducing the risk of danger. The installing time is fast, and it can also stick to either old or newer surfaces. Again, this can be expensive but it is a favoured option. Whatever your choice, make sure to discuss it with an expert. If you need repairs to a flat roof in Thame or Oxford, call Thame roofing.



This new solar panel is being researched by two universities; Ghent University in Belgium and the University of the Free State (UFS) in South Africa.


If successful, other types of roofs could be replaced by the solar glass which would be incorporated into durable plastics. Researchers say that daylight will be able to enter buildings whilst at the same time also generating electricity. It is hoped that this will reduce the number of solar panels required and therefore reduce costs.


The product will hopefully be refined and available to the market within the next decade, call Thame roofing for all Oxford Roof leadwork repairs.


UK Flat roofing market expects steady growth

Recent research has shown that since 2012, there has been a steady growth in the flat roofing market and particularly in the use of waterproof membranes. There has been a recent surge in the development of brand new homes, many businesses re-roofing their commercial offices, as well as the boom in House extensions using flat roofs. Repair work on Flat roofing in private dwellings still accounts for the largest sector, however the recent demand for “Green roofs” has also fuelled the flat roofing market. Forecasts that this will continue to rise over the next two years.